Movies by CraigWorks

"A movie file organizer"

"Movies" is a free, very simple, and easy to use web application that helps organize your movie files.


Familiar web interface

"Movies" is an application that runs as a web server on a PC computer in your local area network and can be accessed by other network connected devices using a web browser.


Import movie data from the internet

"Movies" can import movie information for each movie file. The only required setup is to specify your directories and file extensions in the system settings.


Integrated VLC media player

"Movies" integrates the popular open source media player, VLC, that plays almost any type of media file.


Create custom lists of movies for easy access

"Movies" movie lists feature is extremely flexible. It allows you to group your favorite movies together or filter your collection based on what is appropriate for your kids.

iPad streaming

"Movies" can stream movies to the iPad by transcoding your movie files on the fly.


Display Media Info

"Movies" can display media information on your movie files using mediainfo.



User accounts

"Movies" allows you to create individual user accounts to protect who has access to your collection and allows each user to have separate settings.


User movie filtering

"Movies" allows you to limit the movies a user sees in your collection. If you have kids this would be a good way to hide those PG-13 and R rated movies.

Download now 0.2.19, build 1932 Windows 7/8/10, English, Release Notes, April 27th 2017

This version requires Java 1.8 runtime! It is also best to uninstall the previous Java runtime.

Supported Window's OS for server: Win 7/Vista/8/10
Recommended Browsers on Window's PC: Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 (only desktop version supported on Win 8.x, no edge browser supported on Win 10)
Supported Browsers on Mac OSX: Safari (latest)
Supported Browers on Mobile Devices: Safari on iOS 8.3+ (Tested on iPad 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, one 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+)
(Note: Interface not optimized for iPhone)

Best video container to use for optimal performance: mkv
Best video format to use: H.265/Mpeg-4 Part 10

Application requires java to run. Install java before installing the application.

Install Java 1.8 Runtime

Application requires VLC to play movies on Window's PC and Mac.

Install VLC Media Player on Windows PC (works best with version 2.2.5 beta)