Movies by CraigWorks

"A movie file organizer"

"Movies by CraigWorks" is a free, very simple, and easy to use web application that helps organize your movie files. 

Familiar web interface

"Movies by CraigWorks" runs as a web server on a Windows computer and is accessible from any device with a web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Imports movie data from the internet

"Movies by CraigWorks" asynhronously imports movie data from the internet as well as supports manual data entry.

Media player

Play movies directly in the browser.   "Movies by CraigWorks" supports most browser's built-in media player as well as the well-known VLC media player.  It also track your recently viewed movies so you never lose your place.


View and navigate through movie data

"Movies by CraigWorks" provides a simple and clean interface to view and navigate through movie information.

Other features:

  • Stream movies to your mobile devices
  • Create user accounts so that each user can customize their look and have their own viewing history
  • Filter what movies or shows are visible in each user account.
  • Supports multiple versions of a movie (e.g. Theatrical Release and Director's Cut)
  • Supports movies that span multiple files (e.g.  Movie LD1.mkv, Movie LD2.mkv)
  • View movie collection statistics with charts


Download now Release 0.2.24, Windows, English, Release Notes,  July 12th 2017


Supported Window's OS for server: Win 7, Win 10 (Preferred)

Recommended Browsers:
Chrome [Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android] - uses browser's internal media player, HLS video streaming on mobile devices,
Internet Explorer 11 [Windows] - uses VLC to play movies
Safari [MacOS, iOS] - uses browser's internal media player with HLS video streaming
(Note: Interface not optimized for Phones)

Best supported video container to use: MKV, MP4
Best supported video/audio format to use: H.264 / AAC
Best supported subtitle format to use: SRT

Application requires java 1.8 runtime to run. Install java before installing the application.

Install Java 1.8 Runtime

Application requires VLC to play movies on Window's using Internet Explorer 11

Install VLC Media Player on Windows PC (works best with version 2.2.5 beta)