Movies by CraigWorks

"A movie file organizer"

Movies by CraigWorks requires Apple's core audio toolbox software inorder to support http live streaming (HLS).

This software is installed as part of iTunes but can also be installed separately using the following steps below:

  1. Download iTunes setup software from Apple.  It should be something like "iTunes64Setup.exe."
  2. If you just want to install iTunes run this setup program and that's all you have to do, otherwise proceed to the next steup.
  3. In order to install a specific setup program within the iTunes software bundle you will need a application called 7-Zip which is free.  Here is a link to the download page.
  4. After installing 7-Zip, right click on the iTunes setup program and select the 7-Zip menu item then in the sub-menu select "Open Archive."  This brings up 7-Zip with the contents of the iTunes setup program shown.
  5. The sub-setup program you want to install is called "AppleApplicationSupport.msi."  Do NOT install the 64-bit version which has the same name but appended with 64.
  6. Double click on this setup program and following the instructions taking all default locations.
  7. That's it you are done.   Movie by CraigWorks should now be able to stream your movies to HLS supported browsers (e.g. Safari on MacOS, Safari and Chrome on mobile devices and Edge on Windows 10.